Junior Tennis Lessons

Future Stars Southampton offers the "Pathway To Excel" for children of all skill levels. Our two, 15 week sessions are designed to provide players with the most enjoyable experience, as well as the greatest opportunity to reach their full potential. See below for program descriptions, or contact Marcelo Reda at marcelo@futurestarssouthampton.com  for more information.

Session 1, 14 wks, Sept 16-Dec 22

Class times: Mon-Fri, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30...Sat & Sun,1,2,3,4pm

Kid's Club Red

Divided into two levels and designed for beginner thru intermediate players ages 4-7, our Kid's Club Red classes are the perfect opportunity for your child to learn the FUNdamentals of tennis.  Activities focus on building agility, balance and coordination skills ( THE ABC's ). A new graduated ball system makes it easier for youngsters to contol ball flight and maintain consistent rallies thus improving their repetitions and extending rallies. 

* Pee Wee ages 4 & 5, 45 minute classes, once a week, $300-Foam ball
* Prodigies ages 6 & 7, 1 hour classes, once a week, $400 - Red Ball

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Future Stars Junior Development

Divided into two levels this Kid’s Club is a great fit for both the beginner and intermediate 10U player. This class is designed to continue building an athletic base while teaching the fundamentals necessary to serve, rally, and score. Prior to graduating to the next level of our program these players will be able to demonstrate understanding of proper technique and maintain that technique during rallies with other players their age.  BOTH JD PROGRAMS INCLUDE MATCH PLAY 2 SAT'S MONTH, 6:30 OR 7:30 PM

*Tennis Champs ages 8 - 11, 1 hr class, once a wk, $450-Orange ball
*Tennis Challengers ages 11 & up, 1.5 hrs, once a wk, $650 -Yellow ball

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Future Stars Excel Programs

This clas challenges players while focusing on their technical and tactical skill development.  All-court tennis skills are emphasized with a wide range of drills that stimulate match play situations and allow players to work on their movement and recovery skills.  Serve, return of serve and rally skills are emphasized.  This 90 minute class will push your limits.  Players are required to register for two classes a week.  FREE OPEN COURT TIME & MATCH PLAY 2 SAT A MONTH 7:30 - 8:30PM

*FSS Team Tennis, ages 11 & up, 1.5 hrs twice / wk, $1300

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At FSS the Pro Staff is equiped to work with juniors of all levels; Pee Wee age 4 - HS Varsity
Close attention to detail produces reliable strokes.
Using the correct ball and court size will help children develop a better overall game as they reach different levels of play.